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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Quadrimex Chemical has embarked on a process of formalizing its CSR policy from 2019. We were encouraged to do so by our industrial customers and our institutional investors. We have been supported by regional authorities in order to respond to new societal challenges.

A Greenhouse Gas (GHG) assessment was thus carried out, as well as an energy assessment of our head office in order to identify the investments needed to reduce our energy consumption.

The Quality of Life at Work (QVL) is also an important topic. The well-being of our employees is crucial to us and our adaptability to new employees’ expectations is necessary. Many positive actions, however, remain to be carried out, and we will focus on them as they create long-term value for our company.

1. Chemical product valuation

The valorization of chemical products allows for a new life cycle for products initially intended for destruction (landfills or incineration). Thanks to its network of suppliers and customers, Quadrimex Chemical identifies industry co-products or products that no longer meet market specifications. In both cases, the producer has no choice but to dispose of their products under the best economic conditions.

Through this approach, Quadrimex Chemical avoids the destruction of several thousand tons of products annually. This activity is a strong development focus for the company since its inception and complements its historical activity of distributing chemical products for industry.

2. Eco-friendly Building

For the construction of its head office building, Quadrimex has positioned itself as a pioneer since 2010. Designed by a regional architecture office (Apside) and based on three items (evolution, ecology, economy), its sustainable and reproducible offices use a timber frame structure. They incorporate sustainable development standards in terms of optimization of insulation, regulation of light and solar fluxes, and thermal comfort and landscape quality.

Energy management is geared towards reducing heat loss through enhanced insulation of facades, interior glazing, dual-flow ventilation with energy recovery and a low-consumption lighting solution. The thermal audit carried out in 2023 should make it possible to further improve the energy performance of our building.

3. Value sharing: open ownership to all employees

Since 2004 when Quadrimex SAS was created, the tradition of opening up capital to employees has continued through changes in management and the various LMBOs (Leveraged Management Buy Out) that have marked the history of the company. To date, 71% of employees are shareholders of the Quadrimex Group through its Holding Quadforkem. Employee shareholders are attentive to the company’s projects and are asked about their investment wishes during corporate finance transactions, which take place on average every 4 years. This allows them to invest in their business and benefit from the leverage effect of the LMBO in the same way as the management team. This therefore results in a better sharing of the added value within the company.

Our CSR commitment rated Silver according to the Ecovadis organization in 2021. The EcoVadis rating covers a wide spectrum of non-financial management systems, in particular the consequences in the following themes: Environment, Social & Human Rights, Ethics and Responsible Purchasing. Each company is evaluated on essential issues according to its size, location and sector of activity.

  • Contact our sales representatives and process engineers based in France | +33 (0)4 90 78 70 50

  • Contact our sales representatives and process engineers based in France.
    | +33 (0)4 90 78 70 50