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Manufacturing of sulfur derivatives

Established in Leuna (in Germany) on the 1st European petrochemical site. We are since 2010 an ISO 9001:2015 certified production plant for the manufacture of sulphur derivatives.

Today, we are a major European player and a world reference in the production of high quality sulphur derivatives.

Our range of sulfur derivatives:

We are directly supplied with H2S (hydrogen sulphide) and in addition, we receive by-products which allow us to manufacture 4 different products:

What are the different forms of sulfur derivatives manufactured by Quadrimex Chemical?

In our production plant, we are able to manufacture sulfur derivatives in different forms determined according to several criteria:

  • The distance between the factory and the customer
  • Technical and storage constraints
  • Concentration needs.
Form Concentration Conditioning
from 10% to 46%

Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC)

ISO container

Tank truck

ISO container

Tank truck
Solid (flakes)
25 kg bags

Big Bags (900kg ou 1T)

Production process of NaHS in all forms.

Sulfur derivatives: market applications

Our sulphur products are marketed worldwide and are dedicated to several types of markets:

  • Flotation of metals in mines (copper, molybdenum, cobalt, zinc and nickel);
  • Tanning, leather industry;
  • Precipitation of heavy metals: soil or organic waste treatment in incinerators;
  • Chemical industry (cosmetics);
  • Pulp and paper;
  • Wastewater treatment;
  • Dyes containing sulphur.
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