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Sodium sulfhydrate NaHS

Manufactured in our production plant in Leuna (Germany), sodium hydrogensulfide is one of the sulfur derivatives offered by Quadrimex Chemical.

This product results from the chemical reaction between hydrogen sulphide H2S and caustic soda.

CASE NUMBER: 16721-80-5

Quadrimex Chemical: one of the European leaders in sodium sulfhydrate

Quadrimex Chemical is a reference in the manufacture of sodium sulfhydrate with the highest quality standards on the market. Its high purity is recognized thanks to the very low content of iron in the finished product which guarantees the best possible results for our customers.

Our sulfur derivatives plant is ISO 9001 certified, and we take the greatest care in selecting the raw materials.

Sodium sulfhydrate: forms and packaging

The sodium sulfhydrate that we offer is available in different forms and types of packaging:

NaHS form Concentration rate Packaging
Liquid (aqueous solution)
From 10% to 46
Bulk in trucks, iso-containers or railcars


65% to 71
Bulk in trucks or iso-containers

Solid (Flakes)
25 Kg bags

Big bags from 1T

Sodium sulfhydrate: transport

Our flexibility allows us to offer each customer a solution in terms of transport and packaging. We adapt to their technical constraints, their storage constraints, and we proceed according to their activity.

Thanks to our 30 years of experience in the logistics of hazardous products, Quadrimex Chemical makes it an absolute priority that the service meets the expectations of its customers. Among the members of our logistics team, we have experts from IATA, ADR regulations…

Our goal: to always give our customers the highest level of service quality in the manufacture and delivery of sodium sulfhydrate, while maintaining competitive logistics prices.

Sodium sulfhydrate: applications

The main applications of sodium sulfhydrate are :

  • The flotation of metals in mines;
  • Tanneries, the leather industry ;
  • Precipitation of heavy metal in sewage treatment plants ;
  • Chemical industry (cosmetics) ;
  • Paper industry…

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  • Your business contacts based in Cavaillon | +33 (0)4 90 78 70 49

  • Your business contacts based in Cavaillon
    | +33 (0)4 90 78 70 49