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  • Engineering, technical and commercial services
  • Customized service offerings
  • Valorization of chemical co-products
  • Reconditioning / Packaging / Logistics solutions
  • Physico-chemical treatment / Formulation


  • Desiccants / deliquescent products (sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, calcium chloride, lithium chloride, etc.)
  • Sulfur derivatives (sodium sulphide, ammonium sulphide, sodium sulphide, sodium tetrasulphide)
  • Chemical decontaminants
  • Pigments for industry
  • Catalysts for refineries and petrochemicals


  • French leader for the distribution of de-icing products for airports
  • Distribution of over 100 chemicals
  • Representation of European and global producers
  • Specific sourcing for the new needs of our customers
  • A global logistics network
  • Specialist in the transport of dangerous goods
  • About 40 storage location in Europe