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Valorization & Services


  • solve issues from partners related to the reprocessing or recovery of their chemical products or by-products
  • provide tailor-made solutions (packaging, formulation…)
  • intervene on customers’sites to meet their requirements.

Our technical sales, engineering, and sourcing teams located in Cavaillon are specialized in tailor-made and effective solutions.

Valorization of industrial co-products

One of the Quadrimex Chemical’s great skills is to offer turnkey solutions, particularly in the development of industrial by-products for its customers or suppliers.

This service is also supplemented, if necessary by :

  • Physico-chemical compliance
  • Management and regulatory support
  • Over-packaging or repacking.

Powders formulation

Thanks to our laboratory and R&D service, we offer powder formulation services implemented in our manufacturing and packaging workshop located in Cavaillon (France).

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  • Your business contacts based in Cavaillon
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