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Clearway deicers: Airport runways, structures, infrastructures

Clearway® products are leading references in the deicer market and are marketed by Quadrimex Chemical in France and Spain.

They are highly efficient, biodegradable, eco-friendly, safe, and easy to use.

Quadrimex Chemical is a partner of EASTMAN for the supply of their products under the Clearway brand.

The range of Clearway® de-icing products: shapes and packaging

The Clearway range of products is an environmental friendly solution for de-icing of airport runways, taxiways, aprons and infrastructure.

Our products, liquid or solid, are based on:

  • Potassium or Sodium Formate,
  • Potassium or Sodium Acetate.

Our range of ready-to-use de-icers includes 4 products :

References Shape Packaging
Clearway® F1

Potassium Formate
Bulk / IBC 1000L
Clearway® 1

Potassium Acetate
IBC 1000L
Clearway® SF3

Sodium Formate
1000 kg big bags / 25kg bags
Clearway® 6S

Sodium Acetate
500 kg Big bags / 25kg bags

These products ready to use and do not require any additional dilution nor concentration. They are compatible with most ma terials used at airports as well as with storage and spreading equipment. Two methods of use are possible: preventive or curative with adapted dosages. The principle is based on frost control depressing the freezing point of water thanks to ice melting.

Clearway® de-icers meet following needs:

  • Deicing airport runways, taxiways, aprons,
  • asphalt roads such as carparks,
  • bridges, footbridges, infrastructures, viaduct and works of art.

The main objectives of preventive and curative operations are :

  • prevent the formation of ice on runways and parking areas,
  • remove the layer of ice from airport runways,
  • maintain security and traffic flow at airports and runways,
  • ensuring safety on the roads.

Our technical sales team supports its customers and their operating staff in order to advise them as best as possible for the application of deicers.

Clearway® deicers: AMS (Aerospace Materials Specification) certified products available in France and Spain.

Our products are approved and meet civil aviation standards as well as current environmental standards. These standards are as follows : SAE AIR 6170A, SAE AIR 6211, AMS 1431D, and AMS 1435D.

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