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Defense material decontaminants

Nowadays, Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) risks such as the use of chemical or nuclear weapons of mass destruction are growing worldwide. In addition to their devastating effects and threats on populations, equipment and infrastructures are exposed to contamination.

The hazard coming by contamination can last from a few hours to several months depending on its nature. Decontamination operations are therefore necessary for keeping equipment as operational and to avoid any persisting hazards.

The challenge for States and Defense Services is to avoid and limit changes in contamination. Quadrimex Chemical is at the heart of the design and supply of decontaminating solutions and associated services intented for defense equipment, vehicles and military or civil infrastructure.

The Decontaminant department is exclusively dedicated to studies, development of products and supply in relation with the Defence Procurement Agency, the French Atomic Center and the French Army or NATO forces. Some of our decontaminating products were developed more than 30 years ago in closed collaboration with French Defence Agency and its study center called “Le Bouchet”.

Our know-how and our expertise are acknowledged in the field of chemical risk and allow us to meet the highest level of requirements.

In response to a malicious act during decontamination operations (equipment, vehicles or infrastructures), QUADRIMEX CHEMICAL provides a complete range of solutions.

Materials and Vehicles

Solid products Liquid products

P2000: Soluble powder for chemical decontamination


SDCM F2: Chemical Decontamination Solution for F2 Equipment


SDCM F3: Chemical Decontamination Solution for F3 Equipment

Q2000 is a liquid chemical decontamination additive

SDCM F1 is a chemical decontamination solution specifically for F1 equipment.

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