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Industrial by-products valorization

Are you looking for a service to ensure the physical and chemical compliance of your by-products ? Do you need to find a solution to add value to them?
Look no further than QUADRIMEX CHEMICAL, a company specialist in solving these issues.

Tailor-made services for the recovery and reprocessing of chemical products.

Quadrimex Chemical’s technical sales teams support its customers by defining specifications with them in order to offer the best solution for the recovery of their chemical products.

Based on the technical constraints and a feasibility study, our teams offer a whole range of services associated with the recovery :

  • Search for technical and industrial solutions such as manufacturing, transformation, packaging, suitable compliance treatment;
  • Management of co-products (by-products);
  • Regulatory and administrative management (REACH, Biocides);
  • Customized logistics; technical support;
  • Ensuring physico-chemical compliance of the product;
  • Packaging under your brand name;
  • and over-packing / outer- packing for the transport of hazardous materials.

What types of services are offered?

As part of the physico-chemical compliance of products, Quadrimex Chemical offers several types of services, including concentration, purification, dissolution, neutralization, compaction / shaping, sieving, and packing operations (big bags, drums, buckets, bags, bulk tanks, IBC, GRV). All of these operations can be carried out at our Cavaillon site (84), along with studies and control by our laboratory which specializes in particle size analysis, colorimetric analysis, and analytical assays (Karl-fisher titration,  Gas chromatography…)

Inorganic products valorized

Within our workshops in Cavaillon (84), we are able to process and transform various solid forms of powdered products, such as

– flakes,
– pellets, bricks, almonds,
– granules,
– and powders.

The packaging is then adapted to each type of product, hazardous or non hazardous goods, and its final use.

  • Your sales contact: | +33 (0)4 90 78 70 86

  • Your sales contact based in Cavaillon
    | +33 (0)4 90 78 70 86