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Powder formulation

Our chemical engineers are available to study and propose mixtures adapted to the needs of each user (e.g. inorganic salt mixtures, decontamination solution…).

Customized service for inorganic chemicals

Thanks to our dedicated production workshops, our teams can provide you with the following solutions:

  • Screening and sieving,
  • Grinding,
  • Compaction / Moulding / Briquetting,
  • Mixing and formulation,
  • Packaging (big-bags, bags, drums and buckets)

A quality control service provided by our laboratory extends the scope of our services (particle size control, colorimetric control, analytical dosage).

Powder formulation services: some examples

Here are a few examples of products prepared in our facilities:

  • Aquarium salt: mixing, grinding and packing of mineral salts
  • Formulation of decontaminants for military equipment P2000 & Q2000
  • Sodium bicarbonate for air-scrubbing, special packing
  • Caustic potash powder: grinding and packaging in PE drums and bags
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